Hair structure and why we need to moisturise those gorgeous locks

So we know that our hair is markedly different from Caucasian hair. From the good stuff like versatility to the not-so-good stuff like manageability, we can say Afro-Caribbean hair is unique. But what makes our hair different?


Our hair is made up of keratin (protein) bonds, just like every other hair type out there. The difference lies in how these bonds are structured.

hair structure

We have elliptical hair follicles and markedly fewer follicles than most other people. Because hair is dead, its curl-pattern is determined by the follicle. This means that someone with straight follicles will have straight natural hair and someone with curvy follicles will have curly or kinky hair.

The kinkiness of our hair makes it hard for natural oils to flow from the scalp to the ends of our tresses, making it dry-out and break easily. So this is why we need to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Oh and it doesn’t matter if your hair is chemically treated or natural. You need to moisturise that. In fact, chemically altered hair has already been stripped of some vital oils so ladies, you’ve gotta replace those!

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