Make Your Own Customised Hair Perfume Without the Alcohol

Spraying your hair with water won’t rot it, but it can make it smell foul. Sad stuff, but fret no longer! You can keep watering your thirsty roots and dry mop with a Do-It-Yourself formulation. It’s cheap too!

What you need:

1. Clean spray bottle (new or old it doesn’t matter)

2. Scented oil (lavender, orange, whatever you like) Check that there’s no alcohol in these oils before you buy em.


Fill up the bottle with water and add a FEW drops of scented oil… get creative, you can mix these! Be careful though, you don’t wanna overdo it or you’ll smell like an old lady that got carried away with her fragrance. After your hair is nice and moist (or drenched… whatever suits you) seal that hydration in with a thicker oil… my favourite is good old coconut oil. Ta-da! Now you can’t say you’re too broke to take care of your hair :p

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