Split ends BEGONE! Top 5 Tips


I hate it when some know-it-all says, “You’ve got split ends!”

Oh really now? And how can you tell from all the way over there? I mean I have to pull my ends to my eyeballs to spot split-ends. Trashy hair doesn’t mean split-ends and so, do like me and have a good look before you take drastic scissor action.

Split-ends cause breakage and prevent growth. They look like this:


So what to do?

1. Cut them off. Binding technology is a temporary fix that doesn’t seem to work. Use hairdressing shears – they are  super sharp and normal scissors will cause your ends to fray… yup, totally defeating the purpose.

2. Nourish your hair with a treatment. Do a protein treatment and pop on a steam-cap (under the dryer if you can). The protein will strengthen your strands and the steam will re-hydrate them.

3. Protect your ends. Canerows, plaits, twists and buns are all great. Try other things like bantu-knots and roller-sets as well. Keeping your ends together once in a while will do your hair a world of good.



4. Eat healthily. A balanced diet rich with protein and the right nutrients (vitamins B and C) will promote healthy nails, skin and hair. You can even take hair supplements if you need the extra help.

5. Keep up a good hair regimen to prevent further breakage. That means lots of moisture, not stressing the strands with rough styling, minimal heat and wearing a silk cap to bed.

What have you done to treat your split ends? I’d love to know so pop your solutions in the comment box. Sharing is caring!

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