The Big Chop takes Courage – How I did it, with Tips for you

The dreaded BIG CHOP. To be frank, most people only do it when they are completely ready – as I was back in 2009 when I BC’d for the first time. After reverting back to relaxer, I made a conscious decision to stop relaxing my hair on August 11, 2011.

Now I had braids in for quite a big chunk of the time. My last braided style was done at a local salon for £65 back in January. Believe me, I got my money’s worth because I kept them in until late March.

Now I wasn’t ready for the Big Chop. But the good thing was I didn’t know the length of my hair and that worked to my advantage. When in a protective style like braids, your hair grows A LOT and seeing long hair will make you not want to cut off those straight ends.

So I grabbed the scissors, estimated that my regrowth was probably 3 inches and cut the braids down to 3″ plaits. By the time I took out the braids and washed my hair, it was so uneven I was forced to Big Chop- there was no other option.

Here are the pics to prove it!

Some quick tips for doing the Big Chop:

1. Use professional scissors because normal ones will make your ends fray when you trim your ends or Big Chop

2. Have a mirror handy so you cut your hair fairly evenly

3. Wet your hair before you start cutting so you can clearly see your line of demarcation (where natural meets relaxed)

4. Stay calm, it’ll grow back

One thought on “The Big Chop takes Courage – How I did it, with Tips for you

  1. It really takes courage, my sis cut her hair recently as well and she wants to start over.. sometimes its the only way. Amazing post by the way.

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