Using Clarifying Shampoo on Afro-Caribbean Hair


Is your hair not behaving as it should? Whether you have Afro-Caribbean hair or not the info here will help you understand the reasons for those bad hair days and give you options to help you overcome the drama of unruly hair.

Typically after 4-6 months products and hard minerals like iron will build up on your hair. This can make your hair feel limp, greasy and stiff. Build-up can also prevent your products from doing their job. After swimming damaging chlorine attaches to your hair, this damage intensifies with sunlight. Clarifying shampoo strips all build-up away (including chlorine and natural oils).

Afro-Caribbean hair is naturally dry and extremely prone to breakage. Clarifying shampoo will make it even dryer, leaving your hair residue-free and literally squeaky clean. This is what it is supposed to do so don’t be alarmed. To combat the excessive dryness  and straw-like feeling just follow up with a light conditioner and maybe put your hair into a protective style for the day.

Results of using clarifying shampoo on Afro-Caribbean hair

1. Will make your curls lighter and bouncier if you have natural hair
2. Can be too harsh for processed and coloured hair – to prevent stripping and trashiness only use products formulated for processed, coloured or damaged hair
3. Will effectively control greasy hair and scalps. You may be able to use clarifying shampoo more often if this is your hair type.

Clarifying shampoos you can try

1. Paul Mitchell adds body, fullness and shine. Contains henna, jojoba, rosemary and more (£8.99) average rating of 4 stars

2. Schwarzkopf Essensity has anti-inflammatory properties for dandruff prone scalps. Contains essence of candula and chamomile (£9.99)

3. Pure Curls has nourishing pineapple extract and grapefruit extract for added sheen (£7.99)

4. Matrix Essentials is suitable for chemically treated hair and claims to not lift natural oils. Reviewers say that it doesn’t dry hair out (£8.49)

5. Herbal Essences is for normal to oily hair. It has citrus blossom and green tea extracts. Reviewers love the smell and cleansing results (£3.49)

6. Avalon Organics claims to wash away impurities without stripping the hair of natural oils. Also restores colour and shine. Contains vitamin E, aloe, chamomile and lemon (£6.99) average rating of 3 stars


2 thoughts on “Using Clarifying Shampoo on Afro-Caribbean Hair

  1. very informative! I think suave makes a clarifying shampoo that is pretty cheap, my hair hates Suave but it might work for others, I usually don’t clarify my hair because it is been too weak from weaves but now that I don’t where weaves my hair is definitely ready to be clarified! might try that Paul Mitchel one

  2. Thanks a bunch for your comment! A few people online have said that Suave doesn’t work for them actually. Definitely try Paul Mitchell and let us know how it goes. It’s a bit on the pricey side but most people say it’s worth that little bit extra. Good luck and thanks for subscribing 🙂

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