Learn How to Cornrow Hair Right Now with this 3-Minute Video

Learn how to cornrow right here, right now with this 3 minute video. I wasn’t taught how to cornrow… I practised ’til perfect when I was around 12 years old and voila! I’m pretty good now.

Things you need before you start cornrowing:

  1. A person or a doll’s head – The bigger the better if using a doll. Also, avoid smooth bone straight hair when learning… friction is your friend.
  2. A tail-comb (or small comb) – Neat parts are desirable but don’t obsess over this in the beginning.
  3. Clips and hair-bands – To section the hair and keep loose hair out of your way.
  4. Remember! – plait to the ends or use elastic bands so they don’t unravel.

Be proud! Your cornrows are gorgeous 🙂

Check out the video and don’t forget to leave a comment. How did you learn to cornrow? Were you self-taught like me or did you have the luxury of tutorship?

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Happy cornrowing!

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