Celebrity Stylists’ Tips on Getting the Perfect Bang

Did you know that your hairstyle could completely change how aged you look? Here are a few tips on how to make yourself look younger or older by just changing your hair style.

Bangs, or fringes, whatever you like to call them aren’t just for kids. A bang can conceal forehead wrinkles, draw attention to your eyes and lift your face. If bangs are cut right, they will make you look younger and softer. Make sure they hit just under the eyebrow and taper out longer at the sides. Zoey Deschannel wears great bangs.

Another great tip, try a side part instead of a centre part. Centre parts are not always flattering since the harsh splice can exaggerate areas of the face that are not symmetrical. “Parting to the side creates a softer profile and brings out the eyes” says celebrity stylist Rodney Cutler.

Last tip, a simple ponytail lifts the temples and eyes, adding a fresh feeling to your look- yet its important to strike the right age-appropriate spot on the head.

Keep reading for more great tips!

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