Products and Ingredients to Avoid for Healthy Black Hair

Black hair care products must be formulated to build hair strength and keep hair moisturized. Many products on the market do not do this. To keep black hair healthy, choose gentle shampoos, use protein and moisture treatments and moisturize hair daily with water based moisturizers or coconut oil. Avoid products with sodium laureth sulfate, petroleum and lanolin. These ingredients do not promote the growth of black hair and should be sparingly or wholly avoided.

Nowadays we find that it is really easy to avoid petroleum based products because most manufacturers aren’t using this ingredient anymore. The others that are not too good for you like  sodium laureth sulfate are harder to avoid.

Hair Products that Use Good Ingredients

Fear not, you can buy free-from-bad-stuff black hair products now. With big commercial ranges like Nothing But and home-made product lines like BeUNIQUEyou can be sure what your hair is getting is nothing but all-natural goodness.


Nothing But product line up

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