Protective Hairstyles for the Summer

All the talk on the street is about summer, summer, summer

Summer is almost here! And when summer approaches you know what that means, heat, humidity and more heat!  chances are you’ll be outside a lot more and the sun can be brutal on your hair, especially on hair that has a tendency toward dryness, like black hair.

Wear protective styles!

Braids, buns, cornrows, updos, twists – all of these styles not only keep your hair off your face or your neck, but also protect your delicate ends. Keeping those ends protected prevents excessive dryness and breakage, so not only will your hair grow, you’ll retain that length.

The Bun or Top-Knot – this is a simple style that works for any occasion, especially dressy or formal ones. It’s also great for the summer because it takes the hair off your neck, so you will feel cooler. All you need are hairpins and a covered elastic band. Buns work on relaxed and natural hair with relative ease. You can part your hair down the centre or to one side if you desire.

image Hot-Black-Hairstyles43


Hats off too yah!

The simplest way to keep the sun from drying out your hair is to wear a hat on days when you know you’ll be outside for extended periods of time. There are many other choices besides baseball caps! Try wide-brimmed straw hats, brimmed canvas hats, even denim caps. Whatever strikes your fancy and keeps your hair protected works.

hat hair1hat hair2



Braid it up

You can braid your natural hair or you can opt for braid extensions. Whether your braids are all yours or created with enhancements, you still need to care for your hair and scalp while you’re wearing them.




Last but not least, you can always opt for a weave. A properly cared weave is a great protective hairstyle. If your hair is braided completely beneath it, it’s not subject to sun, wind, rain or other weather.


Try these protective styles and your hair will look just as gorgeous at the end of the season as it did at the beginning.

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