How To Clean Your Hair Tools

This is just a quick reminder on how to clean your hair tools. Some of us rarely clean them, where as there are those of us who clean them often. Never the less check out these simple steps.


Cleaning the tools you use on your natural hair is an important task that should be a part of any hair care regimen. One of the benefits of cleaning your hair tools keeps your hair cleaner longer and is a simple enough task to do on your wash days.

How to:

  1.  Fill your sink or tub with warm water and add your cleanser (shampoo).
  2. Allow your tools to soak in the soap and water solution for awhile to loosen hair or residue.
  3. Use a brush to scrub your tools clean, and a fine-tooth comb to rake any brushes you may have used to clean the brushes.
  4. Use a towel to lay your clean tools on to dry.

4 Simple steps to clean your tools.


  • Add a little vinegar to your solution to sterilize your tools. To get rid of the acidic smell, add a drop of your favorite essential oil.
  • If you don’t have time to soak your hair tools, make sure to wet them first to loosen any hair or residue.

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