Bye Bye Frizzy Hair

Its been a bit rainy of late so I figured why not blog about how to prevent frizz. There are many causes of frizzy hair, not just water. Frizzy hair can sabotage all your best hair styling efforts, and  kinky curly hair tends to have this problem. Check out the reasons as well as the tips to help prevent frizzy hair.

  • Porosity

If after styling your hair, it quickly becomes frizzy, you may have a problem with the porosity in your hair. What is happening, is that the hair shaft is so dry that it is seeking moisture from the air which then makes it become frizzy. To solve this problem, rinse you hair with apple cider vinegar.

The apple cider vinegar works by closing the cuticles along the hair shaft, which enables the hair shaft to lock in more of its own moisture, rather than absorbing it from the surrounding air.

  • Heat

The heat from a hair dryer tends to over dry the hair and make it frizzy; allowing your hair to air dry will mean fewer frizzies. Whether air drying or drying with heat, run a little leave-in conditioner through your hair before the drying process.

  •  Conditioning

Hot oil treatments are very effective in combating frizz. Deep moisturizing conditioning treatments are another great way to prevent frizz, because  hair that’s moisturized is less likely to frizz. If your frizz is the result of chemical damage or colouring, you may need a different solution. Cover your hair with a protein treatment to strengthen your weakened hair shaft.

  • Humidity

Frizz from humidity an be difficult to prevent for even the healthiest of hair. A quick solution is to use an anti-frizz serum. The serum coats the hair shaft and keep the cuticle closed.

If you were suffering from one or more of the problems, i hope the tips that accompanied them helped!

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