Transitioning to Natural Hair – The Big Chop!

Lately, the new trend has been to go natural. However, the transitioning process can take weeks to months  depending on how fast your hair grows, before fully natural. Some persons, rather than waiting on they’re chemically treated hair to grow out, do “The Big Chop”.  But before the big chop, check out these pros and cons.



  • Easy Care/ Time Saver –  super short cuts are low maintenance and easy to care for. You will be surprised how quick it will take you to style your new “do”. Styling time will be cut down to a few minutes.
  • No Weather Worries – the rain or high humidity is a relaxed hair girl’s worst enemy. Always running for cover to not get their hair wet or even just the sight of rain will cause a panic. Natural hair girls don’t have to worry about the weather. Once you do the big chop, you may find yourself “singing in the rain” because water won’t ruin your style.
  • One Texture – when you cut away all your processed hair, you instantly have only one texture to deal with. Transitioning women usually have difficulty dealing with two different texture when transitioning. The bug chop eliminates all of that.


  • Few Style Options – with short hair, you don’t have many style options. This is a good time to experiment with makeup, jewelry and accessories.
  • Dislike Short Hair – not everyone likes how they look with short hair. Some women feel they’re heads are too big or they don’t have the right shaped head; other women simply believe they look better with long hair. It’s a matter of preference, if you don’t like short hair, the big chop may not be for you.
  • Negativity From Others – the big chop may get some negative responses from others. The trick to it is to stay strong and positive. Hey, at the end of the day it’s your hair. Own it!

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