Tips to Consider before getting a New Hairstyle

At some point in time we all get bored of the hairstyle we currently have and are bitten by the bug go change it up a bit. If so, before heading to the hairdressers with a style in mind or a picture of the new hairstyle, ask yourself some questions. Take these 9 questions into consideration before you run off to the hairdresser. 

  1. What style do you want and will it suit you?
  2. Will my new hairstyle suit my lifestyle
  3. Is my hair long enough for the style I want? Should I get extensions?
  4. should I go short
  5. Do I need layers?
  6. Would a fringe suit me?
  7. What hairstyle suits the shape of my face?
  8. What skin tone do I have?
  9. How do I get a natural looking color?

A good hairstyle can look and make you feel great. It’s good to start with an idea of what you want and then have a consultation with your hairdresser. 

(The next series of posts will further discuss each question) 



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