Tips to Consider before getting a New Hairstyle – Question #1 ‘What style do I want and will it suit me?’

Ladies, we really have to stop and ask ourselves, is this hairstyle really what I want? Will it suit me?


We all have someone whose hairstyle we admire. Whether it be a friend, relative, work colleague or celebrity. It might even be someone you happen to walk past in the street and suddenly think “I really like her hairstyle” Take Rihanna into consideration; even though she switches it up quite a bit, all her hairstyles suit her.

Tell your stylist:

What new hairstyle you are thinking of going for (this is when you pull out the picture from your hand bag).

Why you want this new hairstyle, whether it’s because you want something completely different or you saw a lady with this hairstyle and it really suited her.

What hair texture you have, if you don’t know then a good stylist should be able to tell you!

What difficulties you have maintaining your hair e.g is it dry or very thin.  

What kind of lifestyle you have e.g gym bunny or a full time mum with three kids. 

Don’t forget to mention whether you wear glasses, this can alter the style that suits you



As we eagerly rush of to the hairdressers with a picture or image of what we want in our head, we need to be realistic. Hairdressers cannot work miracles and we do not want to leave the hairdressers feeling disappointed.  Think about it long and hard before making any sudden changes. Remember hair takes a while to grow back if you’re not a fan of weave or braids.

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