Tips to Consider Before Getting a New Hairstyle- Question 4: “Should I go Short?”

The decision for a new hairstyle should not be taken lightly. A short hairstyle can be a dramatic change and there are a few things to consider:-

  • Make-Up is a Must! – when you cut your hair short, the visual interest is going to go straight to your eyes and your face, you will need a little make-up. Keep your look soft and feminine with a bit of blush to bring out cheekbones and eyeliner to make eyes pop.


  • Daily hairstyling is key ! – the drawback is that you can’t pull your hair into a ponytail. The upside is that it only takes 5 minutes.


  • Think about the shape of your face,neck and shoulders – the shorter the hairstyle, the more it will emphasize these features. To quickly test whether a cropped cut will flatter, pull your hair into ponytail; do you like what you see?  Very short pixie cuts work best on women with petite frames, a slender neck and an oval face.
  • For a short hairstyle that’s more universally flattering, leave a bit of length at the top – about 2-3 inches – and style it with a bit of texture. The back should look feminine, cut closely to the neck but not buzzed.


  • Have patience while its growing out.

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