We’re back

After being offline for way too long, we are now posting regularly again.

Gemma and I will be starting out with personal posts about our own hair so that you can see the good, the bad, the hilarious and the OMG-this-is-freakin-amazing of our regimes.

This week we’ll be posting introductions about our hair, lifestyles, hair types and products of choice (for the moment anyway!). Gemma will be doing a product review and I’ll open up about my dreaded scalp problem O_o

On the weekend, we’ll do a couple beauty posts for a laugh … and information of course.

Random rant:

I am so tired right now, and have to go put in CurlFormers. Wish it didn’t take long, but it does. I’m getting better but it feels like it take hours. That’s something to cover in another post lol. 


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