Hi I’m Loell

Hi there! I’m Loell and I founded Haircoustics quite some time ago.

After lots of mistakes etc, I’m starting again with Gemma and hopefully it all goes well this time.


1. Tell us about yourself

I’m 26 this next month! – *blows party horn* I am on a graduate scheme – so working full time. Guilty of being a gym addict – I go six days a week. I try to eat healthily – low carbs, lots of meat and veggies, slipping up now and again with a sweet treat … okay, I slip up a lot. I will always opt for the easy way out. And on that convenient line, here’s my hair regime…

2. What is your hair routine?

I tend to wash my hair once a week, deep conditioning when I have time (not often enough, I admit!)

I’ll put my hair in CurlFormers on a Sunday and that makes it manageable for the week. By Wednesday my hair starts getting frizzy and I need to do jumbo twists each night to ensure bouncy (controlled) curls at work.

3. What products do you use and why?

Water – you need that to wash the shampoo and conditioner out

Vegetable Glycerin – revitalises an old twist-out when you mix it with water and use as a spritzer

Coconut Oil – I use for everything. Scalp, hair, skin, cooking, removing makeup

African Pride 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner – easy life! and it works a charm

Cantu Shea Butter Treatment – Thickest, creamiest thing ever!

Shea Butter – I whip it with coconut oil. It’s heavy and elongates my curls.

4. Do you have any problem areas?

My scalp – Psoriasis.

5. Describe your hair type

Dry Braid-Out

This is blow-dried with a braid-out. Coconut oil only.

My last relaxer was August 2011 and I did a big chop in February 2012. My hair is mid-back length (bra fastener length??). The back is 4A and the front is 4B. The back grows a LOT quicker than the front. I’ve also got naturally occurring silver highlights (or grey hair).

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