My Hair Routine

1. Tell us about yourself
I work full-time and spend most of my weeknights at a restaurant or bar with friends.  That’s when work allows. If it’s date night, then usually cinema and a meal once a week, or a spot of shopping. I’m at the gym every weekend and if I can drag myself, a few evenings a week too.
My hair straightened with a hairdryer and straighteners

My hair straightened with a hairdryer and straighteners

2. What is your hair routine?
I am actually quite bad with my hair! Sorry ladies! I aim to wash my hair two to three times per week and use an intensive treatment once a week too. If I have a special night out where my hair will be out, I will use a leave-in treatment or a 1-3 minute conditioning treatment that day. It just makes the style look more defined.
3. What products do you use and why?
 At the moment I am using Aussie’s hair range. I use the serum, the leave-in conditioning spray and one of the 3-minute treatments. I love the smell and find they make my hair easy to style. It also saves me putting oils in my hair regularly as they are packed with them!
4. Do you have any problem areas?
 My hair is really long and really frizzy so it tends to be difficult to tame. I change products all the time, and try new ones out. The main problem is that because my hair is long, it knots easily and also look really frizzy, even if it has products in.
5. Describe your hair type
My hair type is a combination of European curly hair and afro hair. As I am mixed race, my hair straightens really easily, but is super frizzy and quite thick.

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