Leave-in conditioners: My Picks

Now I am a huge fan of Leave-in Conditioners. I find they not only condition your hair, they also are really easy to use and actually work wonders when styling.


I have pretty much tried and tested everything they have ever had on the shelves in Boots and Superdrug. No, I’m not joking!


More recently, I have started being a little more adventurous and trying products that are recommended and specifically for my hair type. This includes new brands like Mrs Millis and also old school products like Soft ‘n Free.

As I’m a bit lazy, Leave-in Conditioners kind of do two jobs at once! And I find when my hair is need of brushing and a hair mask, these sorts of products restore my curls temporarily.

Here are my picks of the Leave-in Conditioners on the market:

Aussie Lightweight Conditioning Spray

AUSSIE Lightweight conditioning spray

AUSSIE Lightweight conditioning spray

Method: Spray directly onto dry or damp hair and scrunch your curls until you are happy with the look. (As my hair is quite frizzy being from mixed heritage, I finish with a serum).

Result: Your hair will smell amazing as this has jojoba and essential fruit extract oils in it. The curl definition lasts for about ten hours and if you have time, you can also brush through and reapply for a more refreshed look. This works as a detangler too.

Mrs Millis Leave In Sweetness with Mango Butter

MRS MILLIS Mango and Shea Conditioning Butter

MRS MILLIS Mango and Shea Conditioning Butter

Method: Grab about a palm full of butter, if your hair is shoulder length or longer, lessbif you have short hair. Rub the butter between your hands until it becomes more manageable and creamy. Massage into your hair, starting at the roots and paying particular attention to the tips.

Result: Defined curls, fruity smelling hair and quite a neat look. You don’t need to use a serum after this as it can also be used to style your hair and works wonders at taming those fly-aways! Use sparingly!

Phil Smith Argan Oil Cream

Phil Smith Argan Oil Cream

Phil Smith Total Treat Argan Oil Cream

Method: This comes in a squeezy bottle so it’s nice and easy to use. Squeeze about a fifty pence coin sized amount into the palm of your hand. Rub it into your hands and then work into your hair. It works best on damp hair, but can also be used on dry hair. Style as required.

Result: Less frizz and more elongated curls. It works best in hair that is frizzy or straighter than afro hair.

Boots Coconut & Almond Leave-in Conditioner

Method: Spray directly onto dry or damp hair and scrunch. This is a water-based conditioner so be careful not to dry your hair out. Style as required. The effects last about eight to ten hours.

Result: Wet look curls, conditioned hair.

At the moment I’m using the Aussie Lightweight Conditioning Spray. I love how it’s not too heavy and lasts all day. It also buys me time between washes and detangles my hair.

So what’s your favourite?


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