Refreshing your Dry and Old Hair Style with Bantu Knots

After a manic weekend, I had no time or energy to put in CurlFormers. Instead I refreshed my hair with a spritzer I made myself and large bantu knots. I’ll go to bed and take these out the next day and hopefully have fresh curls.

Dry Hair - Old Hair Style IMG_20150419_214837

After over a week of having curls in, they are now elongated and dry. My hair is still clean and reasonably straight so I want to take advantage of this. Just put the right ingredients in your spray bottle, don’t even bother trying to detangle your hair.

What’s in my spray bottle?

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil adds shine – use 1 part
  • Water adds moisture – use 5 parts
  • Vegetable Glycerin retains moisture – use 3 parts

I shake the bottle vigorously (between applications because the oil won’t mix!) and lightly spritz sections of my hair, making sure I don’t drench my hair. There are lots of reasons for this:

  1. I want to avoid shrinkage
  2. I’m going to bed in a bit (yes, this is Sunday night) and don’t want to soak my pillow
  3. I want it to dry quickly

Next I twist the sections and then bantu knot them.


Don’t detangle your hair. It takes forever and you’ll have to drench it to get any decent curl definition.


I’ve got about 10 bantu knots in the end – done! Just gotta wrap my hair and go to bed.

It’s Monday morning and I have loose, elongated and shiny curls.

After I take out the Bantu knots

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