We really need to take our split ends seriously

Yeah I got loads of split ends

When you have straight hair split ends are harder to ignore – I’ve been there. You are constantly under pressure to have neat, even ends no matter what length your hair is. The curlier your hair, the easier it is to ignore split ends. Do not ignore them people!

OMG there are loads! Need to sort my life out.

OMG there are loads! Need to sort my life out.

Like two sugars in your tea every day twice a day, like that occasional day of missing your workout, like the one time (few times) you’ve missed practicing your Spanish … the dreaded after-effects creep up on you QUICK!

Split ends are length parasites – they promote weak ends and will run up the strand until it breaks off completely.

Before you know it you’re saying to yourself …KMFT – I might as well shave off the lot and call it a day.

Get your hair trimmed WHEN you notice split ends. Don’t get caught up in trimming every 6 weeks or whatever the new popular timeline is, otherwise you won’t notice the growth that your hair is experiencing. As and when is a better philosophy.

My experience

I normally trim my hair myself, being careful to only cut the smallest amount off my ends but that was stupid. About 2 weeks later I could see my ends splitting again – I did not cut off enough. Now what a waste of time that was.

My advice is to not be precious – do what you gotta do and trim what needs to be trimmed. Whether that’s an inch or two, just cut it and go cry into your pillow later. No one can judge you, we all love our hair 🙂

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