How I Wrap My Hair for Bed (when I can’t find my satin cap)

Let’s start out with why you need to wrap your hair before you sleep. This information is applicable to all hair types, so listen up guys.

Twists before bed IMG_20150423_005329

In my last post I talked about how split ends will slowly ruin your life if you don’t sort them out. The friction created from your ends rubbing on your pillow whilst you sleep, and the cotton fibres of your pillowcase sucking the moisture from your hair is the perfect recipe for creating split ends… and dry, trashy hair in general.

To top this off, curly hair will wrap itself into little knots (single-strand knots) and the only way to get rid of this is to cut it off.

Hopefully that’s grabbed your attention. Wrapping your hair before bed mitigates this hugely. In my opinion, wrapping before bed is the best thing you could do for your hair. Here’s how to sort yourself out when you can’t find your satin cap.

BTW: I think satin caps are the best. When mine reappears I’ll do a post on it.

With Damaged Tights or Stockings

Wrapping my hair

I admit that I only use this method when I can’t find my satin cap. Here we go!

  1. Take old tights and tie the feet together
  2. Put it on like a funny hat
  3. Tie the legs around your head – the knot at the feet should ideally be at the front of your head so that it doesn’t disturb your sleep.
  4. Done!

Is this really a good alternative or plain nonsense?

It works, honestly. I’ve never woken up with dry, trashy hair. Because of the elasticity of the material, and because you give it extra reinforcement by using the legs of the tights, your hair will stay securely in place. It won’t move around as much, thus reducing friction.

Come on, don’t act like you weren’t doing this in school before you got introduced to satin caps :-p

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