Sneaking a hair treatment in your gym’s steam room or sauna

Haha I wish this was my gym’s steam room

I’ve never done this before but I know people who have – you know who you are!

Is there shame in putting a plastic shower cap over your heavily conditioned hair and casually sitting in your gym’s steam room or sauna ? Surely not! Actually it could be a bit embarrassing, but that’s just me…


Deep treatments can be a pain because they take planning. Especially if you are finger-detangling beforehand. After a gym session, it’s really easy to take 20 minutes of your time and chill out in your swimsuit (and now, shower cap). For the steam room you wouldn’t need the cap, but for the sauna it would be ideal. Capturing all that heat from the sauna under the shower cap will do wonders for your deep conditioned hair.

You can kill a few birds with one stone:

  1. Deep condition your hair
  2. Give your skin the detox it needs by opening up those pores
  3. Actually go to the gym for a workout in the first place
  4. Call this a regular pamper session because you are getting so many beneficial things done

Have a think about the different things you could use in your hair for deep conditioning at the gym. I would try a hot oil treatment.

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