Look after your hair this summer!

cropped-sunset-stock-pic21.jpgWe all look after our skin in the sunshine and top of the holiday packing list tends to be suncream or some product with SPF in it. But do we look after our hair?

All that partying takes its toll on your hair, as does the constant sun and dipping in and out of the water.

Well nature has it that in the sun, our hair can become dry and frizzy and also promote split ends. So here are some top tips to look after your hair this summer and hopefully keep those tresses looking lush!


1. Cut

Have a haircut before you go away to ensure that you have healthy hair throughout your holiday and when you come back. The sun tends to dry out your hair and will be more prone to split ends. If you have a cut before you go, healthy hair will start to grow.

2. Condition

Your hair needs extra conditioning whilst it is in the sunshine for hours on end. So why not use a leave-in conditioner daily? You could also have a few deep treatments before you head off and take one of those one to three minute repair treatments with you to apply every two or three days.

3. Tie it up!

You’re hair will gain less exposure if it is tied up so where possible do so. I know we all love to look our best on holiday, but putting your hair up will also keep it from getting too wet in the pool too.

4. Cover it

If you can, keep your hair covered in the sun. We always protect our skin, even here in sunny London (not) and the same applies to your lovely locks. You can also apply a product that contains SPF if you do want to have your hair on show.

So there you have it! What’s your top tip?

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