How often should I wash my hair?

The answer to this question is weighted, I would say, 60% on preference and 40% on what your hair needs.

If I tell you to wash your hair less often you’re going to say “Hell nah, that’s naaaaasty!” So I’m not going to. I’ll lay out some pointers below, and you can decide for yourself.

I haven’t washed my hair in about two weeks. It is soft, looks reasonably okay, it smells fresh and my scalp isn’t Flakesville. Yay me! I do like to wash my hair once a week though, because it feels nice, that’s all.

Damn, two weeks is a long time you say? Well hair maintenance is about YOUR HAIR. Do what is right for you and don’t follow what your shampoo says. No one needs to be shampooing their hair everyday. Regardless of your hair type, and whether you are black, white, pink or blue, everyday washing is only helping the shampoo company!

nb: if you have an ongoing problem, go see your GP!

These are cues that your hair REALLY needs washing:

  1. When the wind can’t move your hair – My dear, you have used too much product and your hair has become a dust trap. if you take the London Underground, then you’re definitely trapping more than dust.
  2. Your eyes keep itching/burning – This is because you touch your dirty hair and then touch your face. All that grime is slowly making you blind. Wash immediately!

And now for the non-extreme cues:

  1. Your scalp is itchy – time to wash (with shampoo)
  2. Your hair is really dry – time to wash (with conditioner and oil, you may be able to skip the shampoo)
  3. Your hair’s curl pattern is all over the place – straight here, knotted there, curly on that side. That needs washing and combing to sort it out.

Struggling for time and your hair looks a mess? Dampen your curls in the shower and use Eco-Syler Gel so that you don’t look like you slept in the bushes last night. If you’ve used gel before and you look like an escaped convict, just wash your hair. Eco-Styler can’t save you, sorry! It’s not for everyone… plenty more products in the sea guys.

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