Wash and Go (ish) on Longer Hair in less than 20 minutes

Blew my candles out! ;-)

Blew my candles out! 😉

It was my birthday on Friday *throws confetti* Thank you for your well wishes everyone! This week has been pretty busy and I’ve put off washing my hair for way too long. After going rock climbing on Thursday night and getting chalk in my hair,  I had to wash it. The gig was up! With no time, and finger detangling taking all of Thursday night,  I woke up early Friday morning (not early enough) and did a Wash n Go.

The last time I did a Wash n Go,  my hair was about 3 inches long. Now, my hair is about 12-16 inches long and too thick to dry gracefully on my way to work.

Cutting to the chase. Here’s what I did:


  1. Finger detangled the night before washing –  My hair was dry and horrible. It took about an hour to do a mediocre job.
  2. Did a few jumbo twists and dragged a satin cap over this – I didn’t use any products or wet my hair because I was tired!


IMG_20150501_082605    Wash n Go right before styling

  1. Washed hair with African Pride 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner – Be careful not to tangle your hair. I should do a blog post on washing technique…
  2. Conditioned with Cantu Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque and rinsed. I didn’t have much left, but it’s better than nothing.
  3. Put Coconut Oil in my rinsed hair – Not too much because my hair takes an age to dry and oil inhibits quick drying.
  4. Applied a leave-in conditioner. I used KeraCare Leave in Conditioner.
  5. Side part, pull hair into a low ponytail with some light brushing on the surface to style.
  6. Carry a wash cloth everywhere for dripping hair … sigh.


The verdict

IMG_20150501_130351 IMG_20150501_130401

I’m happy with the result. It looked neat, and the dripping stopped after an hour or so. My hair felt soft, and the curls are sort of defined at the ends. I would avoid doing this at all costs because now that my hair is dry, it is pretty difficult to handle. I am limited to wearing puffs or an out of control afro and have even put Eco-styler gel in already.

I didn’t comb my hair – not sure if this will be detrimental later on. Tune in to see!

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