Cutting your hair: why is it so stressful?

1159232_47217349 (1)So am I the only one who hates having their hair cut? I went for my second hair cut of the year at the weekend and it was petrifying.  Firstly,  if you haven’t booked the appointment because  you are making a drastic cut or change to your hair style, you have no idea how much hair the hairdresser is going to remove. Also, you’ve spent all this time growing your tresses, which is pretty hard, and now yoh have to lose a few inches. Shocking!


Haidressers recommend a hair cut every eight weeks

Haidressers recommend a hair cut every eight weeks

After 30 years of avoiding colour and straightening or hot irons, I was hoping to hang onto my ‘healthy’ hair! I probably get it hair cut about four times a year and this keeps all the dead hair at bay and also means I only have to suffer the dreaded scissors a minimal number of times.

Regularly cutting your hair allows the healthy, new hair to come through and also helps prevent split ends. If you regularly colour your hair, straighten it or use products that have negative impact on your hair’s appearance or health, then adding a few extra trims will also help to maintain your hair. If you like keeping your hair long like I do, then  I recommend looking after your scalp, conditioning regularly and also trying to keep thjngs like chemicals and heat to a minimum.

Even though I hate going to the hairdressers, by looking after my hair in between appointments,  I find it means I will lose less of it when I do have to get it cut.

So guys, what do you think about getting your hair cut?



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