Golden Rules of Blowdrying with the Comb Attachment (PART 1)

What greater joy is there than blowdrying one’s hair?

I use Wahl PowerPik. It’s cheap and the attachments are readily available (and cheap).

My hair has spoken, and the path of least resistance is using the comb attachment when blowdrying. I’ve tried the tension method, and after doing one section of hair, I realised that it takes way too long. They talk about marginal gains, but I’d rather be doing other things than spending hours blowdrying my hair. You have to be somewhat careful though. If you want a decent solution – check out my Golden Rules to blowdrying your hair without the nasty stuff:

Thou shalt deep-condition thy dry trashy tresses beforehand. Dry upon dry equals dry, guys. Come on, treat your hair before blasting it with hot, dry air. It only takes 15 minutes – you’ve got no excuse.

Raise your middle finger to those who lead you away from heat-protectant. Okay, sometimes I feel like hair companies are ripping me off – those like Elasta QP, whose heat-protectant spray feels water thickened with cornstarch. But I wouldn’t stop using heat protector. Better be safe than sorry mate…

To maintain non-ratchetness, keep your comb attachment clean. Gunk will transfer to your hair, so wash that comb attachment regularly.

Your comb will fail you so if it’s broke, replace it. While we’re on the subject of the comb attachment, let’s talk about it’s fragility. If a few teeth break, it’s not the end of the world, but if the mouth (bit that slides onto the blowdryer) gets even the smallest crack, introduce it to the bin. Do not even think about the crazy glue. The crack, like many things in life, will only gain momentum as time goes on. Its size is directly proportional to the raising of blood pressure and coining of new swear words for inanimate objects.

Tomorrow we’ll continue with the Golden Rules. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Golden Rules of Blowdrying with the Comb Attachment (PART 1)

    • Ooooo that will be interesting. Your hair is completely different to mine so it’s worth checking that out. If it works, I’ll take credit for all the extra time you’ll have on your hands!

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