Golden Rules of Blowdrying with the Comb Attachment (PART 2)

IMG_20150506_232000So hopefully you’ve read yesterday’s post and you’re eagerly awaiting the rest. We talked about deep-conditioning before a blow-dry, always using heat-protection, keeping your comb attachment clean and replacing the comb when it cracks.

Now the Golden Rules continue:

Tools are cool – Use your tools to fully detangle the hair. I use a wide toothed comb and then the Denman brush to get my hair silky smooth. This sets you up perfectly for the next point…

Work from the ends up to the roots. This is the quickest way – it is also painless. If your hair is smooth and detangled, blowdrying is a breeze (pun intended).

Long, slow, gentle strokes will get you there hehe… Once you’ve dried that section of hair, you can go over the section with the blowdryer one more time. Keep the hair taut by holding the ends and move the dryer down slowly. This will straighten your hair more.


Do not put anything else in your hair. If your hair was a kid, it would be fat and dirty. We are obsessed with overloading our hair with product. Pre, during and post shampooing, styling, drying etc etc etc. If your scalp is dry, put a bit of oil on it, but your hair was just deep conditioned, you don’t need more stuff in it.

Style as desired. I did some massive twists which are as soft as cotton wool. They are a few days old now but I love them still.

I followed these steps to get this result. Please share this post if you like it!

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