Love your hair, it’s yours for the keeping

So you know the phrase, ‘Love the Skin you’re in’? well, how about ‘Love the Hair you’re in’? I think we spend way too much time thinking about how we can modify our hair and what we can do to improve it, make it better and in some cases, change it all together.

As our slogan states, our hair is our statement. We need to start being grateful for ‘what your Mumma gave ya’ and less focused on what wig to buy next, what colour to dye your hair and or deciding which extensions to clip, glue or sew into your hair. Don’t you?

There are all sorts of hair types; curly, straight, wavey, afro… the list goes on. Not forgetting, short, long, shaved, braids, thick, thin… and so on. There is so much that can be done with your natural hair without all the accessories and we need to embrace it.

With so much on offer these days to style and look after the hair you were born with, why not just concentrate on treating your own locks to some TLC?

Courtesy of: Sharon Pruitt, Flickr

Courtesy of: Sharon Pruitt, Flickr

@Haircoustics we’ve already given you tips on how to maintain your tresses with some natural oils (See Essential Oils: The Facts), and how to look after your hair at night (see How to wrap your hair at night) so come on girls take the hint!

Apart from looking after your hair, it’s also about showing off your natural beauty. Your hair is part of your heritage, identity and makes a huge differenc to your outfit, exactly like an accessory, depending on how it is styled.

I am all for natural, but I can see how easy it is to just clip on some extensions and go, or make a dramatic change to your look with a bright, vibrant new colour.

Our hair is our statement, and don’t you forget it!


Photo courtesy of gtpete63, Flickr

Photo courtesy of gtpete63, Flickr

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