7 Days of Croatia Sun, Sea and Limited Baggage Allowance – What to pack?

It’s time for my first holiday of the year! Like most people, I don’t have the luxury of forking out a bucket load of money for short-haul flights. I’m going to Croatia for a sailing and cycling holiday on Saturday (freakin’ excited yo!), and I’ll be flying with Ryanair and staying in a boat, so I have to pack light and smart. What are the essentials for my hair during this activity holiday in the sun?

2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner because with limited space, one bottle is better than two. I like Dove Hair Therapy and African Pride.

Silky smooth and thick, it does the job.

Silky smooth and thick, it does the job.

Leave-in-conditioner to apply everyday, before heading out in the sun and sea (Gemma posted on this previously – I’m reiterating her point!) It’s a good idea to apply your leave-in-conditioner right before bed as well. I don’t have a preference so check out Gemma’s post for her faves.

Satin cap to sleep with, because you should never go without it.

Hats and/or head-wraps for the daytime. When you’re out exploring in the sun all day, it’s smart to occasionally cover your hair from the sun’s damaging rays. You don’t have to look like a granny, there are some pretty cute ways to tie your hair. Check out these effortless looks.

head-tie 2 head-tie1 head-wrap 3

I’ll have to do some hair prep before I go on holiday. Check out Gemma’s Top 4 Tips for making your hair summer-ready!

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