Rainforest Moisture: The Review

Rainforest Moisture, but The Body Shop

Rainforest Moisture, by The Body Shop

It’s getting to that time of year when your hair needs some added nourishment. As the hot weather sets in, it’s not long before your hair starts screaming for ‘MOISTURE’.

So I am trying a ‘Do It Yourself’ treatment that promises to restore moisture in your hair and all in five minutes.

As it describes on the tin, it’s a hair butter that is quite thick, but it does mean that you don’t need to use too much in each application. I have used it twice and it doesn’t even look like I have opened it yet!

The best thing about this product, is being by eco-brand The Body Shop, it is full of natural ingredients. It also boasts having no parabens, silicone or colourants and smells really sweet.

The ingredients include fruit oils, kernel oil and macroloba seed oil.  The macroloba seed oil is best known for containing a high content of behenic acid which is really hard to absorb. This makes for an ideal conditioner as it means the oil wets the hair really well.DSC_0057




1. Shampoo or wet your hair. Rinse out the shampoo

2. Take a palm size amount of the hair butter and massage into your hair, working from root to tip

3. Leave the butter to coat the hair for five minutes. I like to wrap my hair up in a bun and add more of the product around the hair line and on top of the bun whilst it is tied up. It creates a bit of warmth within the hair.

4. After the five minutes have passed, wash your hair thoroughly with warm water

5. Comb through with a hairbrush or comb

6. Dry and style as required

This is only the second time I’ve used it, but I do find it works well. My hair is quite long (two inches below my shoulders) and this usually means I need to use a large amount of product. But with this, I was quite impressed. The moisture lasts about a week and made my curls quite shiny. It also made my scalp quite well nourished too. The only downside is that it comes in  very small tub and can only be used on damp or wet hair.

My verdict: 4/5

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