Moringa Soap – Increases Sex Drive

I bought this natural, homemade bar of soap from Dicksons Natural Beauty Products. Their stand is massively busy every year at the Afro Hair Show in London, for good reason. They sell great natural products. It cost £5 and I thought it was worth a shot.

IMG_20150527_101230I lived in Jamaica from 2013-2014 and found that moringa had become the new miracle plant there – from teas to oils, moringa was the plant of choice. It seemed like if a problem existed, moringa was the undisputed cure for it. But what is moringa, and what makes it so special?

You just need to barely tap into the internet to find out more. WebMD has an excellent short introduction to moringa – definitely read this. In short, moringa is a plant that grows in warm climates. The whole plant has medicinal properties, and its bark, roots and leaves are used to make medicine for anaemia, infections and joint pain to mention a few.

IMG_20150527_101149So onto the sex-drive bit. This soap is many things but it did not increase my sex drive. The soap smells beautifully herby and it is the most relaxing smell for me to date. I can’t help but feel relaxed, and for romance, I guess it would work. It won’t send you over the edge for sure! The cleansing properties are obvious – it strips your skin of dirt and oil – you feel squeaky clean and calm. This soap does not moisturise, but who cares!

Ratings: 7/10

It smells great, but I have not seen any obvious changes in my skin after using it for a month. Oh yeah, and no changes in sex drive… which is fine by me to be honest!

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