Wake Up Your Curls

Nothing But product line upI have been using the Sofn’ Free Curl Wake Up Spray for about a year now and I am really pleased with the results. You know the phrase, ‘If it ain’t broke…’?

Thought I would remind you all of how easy this is to use, what a transformation and gives your hair and find out if any of you, our Haircoustic readers, have used it before?

The spray can be spritzed directly onto damp hair for an extra wet look. Your curls will stay defined and the product will also keep your tresses nice and moist.

The way I use it is sprayed directly onto dry hair. It will give curls an instant lift and also helps detangle. When I want to style my hair, I will spritz this on before brushing. The curls stay relatively defined for the day, there is no obvious scent and my hair is quite long and probably takes about six to seven sprays.

My hair after the Sofn' Free Curl Wake Up Spray is applied

My hair after the Sofn’ Free Curl Wake Up Spray is applied

After you have applied it, lock in the moisture with a serum or oil, such as the Aussie Dual Personality Curl Definition which is really good if your hair is quite frizzy, like mine. The other option is to add an oil before you style or just over the tips of your hair and around the edges to seal in the moisture.

I would definitely recommend it and if you’re lucky, you can usually pick-up a bottle for about £3.99 at most black or Asian hair stockists.

Rating: 4/5

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