About us

Here at Haircoustics, we are honest about hair and will always tell it as it is. When it comes to hair care, styles, dispelling myths, news and reviews that’s what we cover.

Our hair is our statement, whether it be big and bold or falling gracefully, we love it all!

It’s not about isolation, we all rock to different things and hair choices aren’t any different. So if you’ve got natural hair, extensions, processed hair or dreadlocks, Haircoustics is dedicated to representing you and giving you the information and support you need.

The Team:











Hey there! I’m Loell, founder of Haircoustics – a blog about all things hair. I have natural Afro-Caribbean hair and I love wearing it out and BIG.

When it comes to beauty I believe in keeping things as simple and natural as possible. Nothing wrong with a bit of glam, but come on, don’t take all day!




Hi guys! I’m Gemma and I am an editor and journalist by day, and a fashion and beauty enthusiast at all other times. You’ll find me perusing the pages of the Metro on the tube and nose deep in a women’s weekly mag or a good book almost every day.

When it comes to hair, I am all about keeping it natural and finding ways of taming my curls. I love fashion and beauty and try to attend as many shows, exhibitions and beauty events as I can!

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