Wake Up Your Curls

Nothing But product line upI have been using the Sofn’ Free Curl Wake Up Spray for about a year now and I am really pleased with the results. You know the phrase, ‘If it ain’t broke…’?

Thought I would remind you all of how easy this is to use, what a transformation and gives your hair and find out if any of you, our Haircoustic readers, have used it before?

The spray can be spritzed directly onto damp hair for an extra wet look. Your curls will stay defined and the product will also keep your tresses nice and moist.

The way I use it is sprayed directly onto dry hair. It will give curls an instant lift and also helps detangle. When I want to style my hair, I will spritz this on before brushing. The curls stay relatively defined for the day, there is no obvious scent and my hair is quite long and probably takes about six to seven sprays.

My hair after the Sofn' Free Curl Wake Up Spray is applied

My hair after the Sofn’ Free Curl Wake Up Spray is applied

After you have applied it, lock in the moisture with a serum or oil, such as the Aussie Dual Personality Curl Definition which is really good if your hair is quite frizzy, like mine. The other option is to add an oil before you style or just over the tips of your hair and around the edges to seal in the moisture.

I would definitely recommend it and if you’re lucky, you can usually pick-up a bottle for about £3.99 at most black or Asian hair stockists.

Rating: 4/5


Slick it back with Anti-breakage Edge Control Hair Gel: The Review

Anti-breakage Edge Control Hair Gel, by ORS

Anti-breakage Edge Control Hair Gel, by ORS

Since the Afro Hair and Beauty Show 2015 @afro, I have been very experimental with my hair products. With all the samples, competitions and giveaways, thought it would be the best time to try and few things out and see if my regime could be improved.

This week, I am trying a new product to tame my flyaways.

Anti-breakage Edge Control Hair Gel

This lightweight fixing gel is quite good at doing what it says on the tin. Firstly, it’s a gel and is quite a hard substance. Unlike the usual gels on the market for women, it’s quite light, smells nice and contains some essential oils for your hair.

I have quite frizzy hair so my baby hairs at the front of my head tend to flyaway easily and not much can keep them in place on a windy day!

As it’s quite warm in London at the moment, I haven’t done the ‘wind’ test as yet. But in terms of hold, it’s pretty good. It doesn’t leave any flaky mess behind and you only need a small amount for medium hold of a hairstyle.

The Anti-breakage Edge Control Gel, by ORS, dissolves nicely in your hair and is't flaky

The Anti-breakage Edge Control Gel, by ORS, dissolves nicely in your hair and is’t flaky

On the downside, the hard texture in the tub means you have to give it quite a rub between your palms or fingertips before it’s pliable. This then leaves your hands a sticky. Saying that, it’s not too gloopy and because it contains coconut oil, it dries nicely on the hair… and the skin!

The other thing is, it isn’t an extra firm hold, like you would achieve with hairspray or one of the run-of-the-mill hair gels, so I wouldn’t recommend it for mixed race hair, frizzy hair or very very thick hair as you would need to use quite a bit. It’s one for everyday use.

This gel by ORS has a nice light texture and contains coconut oil

This gel by ORS has a nice light texture and contains coconut oil

Rating: 3.5/5

Well done ORS!


Afro Hair & Beauty Show 2015

ORS were promoting their new range, Curls Unleashed

ORS were promoting their new range, Curls Unleashed

The Afro Hair & Beauty Show returned for another year and did not disappoint.

Revellers were treated to an array of offerings at the two day event, which took place at the Business Design Centre in Islington, North London on May 24 and 25.

New brands featured in this hair and beauty extravaganza, included Henna Si, a new hair relaxer which claims to use 60 per cent less chemicals and African hair wrap producer Kiyani Wraps. New African Woman magazine also exhibited at the show and as always, Black Hair & Beauty sponsored the exhibition.

As well as the discounted hair products, consumers could also indulge in a bit of pampering, with massages, threading and henna tattooing also up for the taking. Continue reading

The Afro Hair & Beauty Show 2015 returns…

The 2013 exhibition

The 2013 exhibition

The two day hair and beauty event that you’ve all been waiting for is back!

This year’s Afro Hair & Beauty Show returns to The Business Design Centre in Islington, London from May 25 to May 26 and as always promises to be a hair and beauty bonanza. Continue reading

Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara: The Verdict

Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara, Black

Every girl loves a good mascara. When it comes to make-up, it’s all about the mascara. For some of us, mascara is a staple, regardless of the day, date or time and it’s even imperative if you’re just nipping out to grab some milk from the shop or putting out the rubbish!

Hypnose Drama Mascara by Lancome

Hypnose Drama Mascara by Lancome

For me, I swear by my mascara and wear it on it’ own just to make me look awake! It works wonders and I have often been told I look like I am wearing fake lashes – RESULT! Continue reading

Look what we’ve got coming up…

Timagehis week at Haircoustics, we’ve got it all going on.

We are kicking off the week with a review of some beauty products, followed by a preview of next weekend’s Afro Hair & Beauty Show in London. As Europe’s biggest hair and beauty event specialising in black hair and beauty products and advice, we will be bringing you a rundown of who’s attending, what to expect and what’s on offer.

We’ll also be catching up with a few of our readers with a chat about their hair gripes. Tune in on Thursday for that. We would love to hear your views too, so join in the debate @haircoustics and on Facebook.com/haircoustics.

The Haircoustics gang will also be attending the show, so if you are attending, look out for us!

Rainforest Moisture: The Review

Rainforest Moisture, but The Body Shop

Rainforest Moisture, by The Body Shop

It’s getting to that time of year when your hair needs some added nourishment. As the hot weather sets in, it’s not long before your hair starts screaming for ‘MOISTURE’.

So I am trying a ‘Do It Yourself’ treatment that promises to restore moisture in your hair and all in five minutes.

As it describes on the tin, it’s a hair butter that is quite thick, but it does mean that you don’t need to use too much in each application. I have used it twice and it doesn’t even look like I have opened it yet! Continue reading