Moringa Soap – Increases Sex Drive

I bought this natural, homemade bar of soap from Dicksons Natural Beauty Products. Their stand is massively busy every year at the Afro Hair Show in London, for good reason. They sell great natural products. It cost £5 and I thought it was worth a shot.

IMG_20150527_101230I lived in Jamaica from 2013-2014 and found that moringa had become the new miracle plant there – from teas to oils, moringa was the plant of choice. It seemed like if a problem existed, moringa was the undisputed cure for it. But what is moringa, and what makes it so special?

You just need to barely tap into the internet to find out more. WebMD has an excellent short introduction to moringa – definitely read this. In short, moringa is a plant that grows in warm climates. The whole plant has medicinal properties, and its bark, roots and leaves are used to make medicine for anaemia, infections and joint pain to mention a few.

IMG_20150527_101149So onto the sex-drive bit. This soap is many things but it did not increase my sex drive. The soap smells beautifully herby and it is the most relaxing smell for me to date. I can’t help but feel relaxed, and for romance, I guess it would work. It won’t send you over the edge for sure! The cleansing properties are obvious – it strips your skin of dirt and oil – you feel squeaky clean and calm. This soap does not moisturise, but who cares!

Ratings: 7/10

It smells great, but I have not seen any obvious changes in my skin after using it for a month. Oh yeah, and no changes in sex drive… which is fine by me to be honest!


There’s still time to bag a basket of Hair & Beauty Goodies from Haircoustics

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 12.05.41

It’s competition time, and our first ever giveaway. To be in with a chance of winning a basket of hair products just post a picture of your favourite hairstyle on our Facebook page by FRIDAY, June 5. Can’t get easier than that, but if you need convincing, here’s a sneak preview of what’s up for grabs.

Taliah Waajid – The Great Detangler 

This leave-in conditioner and co-wash promises to soften your hair on contact without the build-up.

From what we see online, people like this product – we’ll be reviewing it ourselves in due course.

Henna-Si – Silk Infused Hairdress Souffle 

Henna-Si Silk Infused Hair-Dress Souffle

It promises to be a light hairdress that adds body, movement and shine. It was initially meant for relaxed hair but the owners say it is suitable for natural hair too. This is the only product I’ve seen that encourages you to wear a silk scarf during the application process. Should be interesting – it’s a new line that seems to be offering something we haven’t seen before.

We will be giving away A LOT more, so please enter for your chance to win.

The Twist-Out After a Week of Wearing Twists

Women always tell me to not bother with a twist-out if I wear the twists for too long, but I find these to be THE most defined twist-outs. The one I’m showing you now follows my post on how to blow-dry your hair with the comb attachment – the golden rules parts 1 and 2. The twists are loose by nature, because the hair was blow-dried prior to twisting. The twist-out, therefore, is of a similar loose pattern.

IMG_20150511_220703 IMG_20150511_220617 IMG_20150511_220526

I haven’t put any additional product in. Now that the twist out is a few days old, I’ll put some coconut oil in tomorrow. I’m starting to realise that I really don’t need much product. On top of that, I’ve been co-washing more often instead of using shampoo (that’s washing with conditioner only).

My hair is so soft and my scalp is free from all the usual nasties!

If you want to know more, please give me a shout. I’m happy to help 🙂

7 Days of Croatia Sun, Sea and Limited Baggage Allowance – What to pack?

It’s time for my first holiday of the year! Like most people, I don’t have the luxury of forking out a bucket load of money for short-haul flights. I’m going to Croatia for a sailing and cycling holiday on Saturday (freakin’ excited yo!), and I’ll be flying with Ryanair and staying in a boat, so I have to pack light and smart. What are the essentials for my hair during this activity holiday in the sun?

2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner because with limited space, one bottle is better than two. I like Dove Hair Therapy and African Pride.

Silky smooth and thick, it does the job.

Silky smooth and thick, it does the job.

Leave-in-conditioner to apply everyday, before heading out in the sun and sea (Gemma posted on this previously – I’m reiterating her point!) It’s a good idea to apply your leave-in-conditioner right before bed as well. I don’t have a preference so check out Gemma’s post for her faves.

Satin cap to sleep with, because you should never go without it.

Hats and/or head-wraps for the daytime. When you’re out exploring in the sun all day, it’s smart to occasionally cover your hair from the sun’s damaging rays. You don’t have to look like a granny, there are some pretty cute ways to tie your hair. Check out these effortless looks.

head-tie 2 head-tie1 head-wrap 3

I’ll have to do some hair prep before I go on holiday. Check out Gemma’s Top 4 Tips for making your hair summer-ready!

Golden Rules of Blowdrying with the Comb Attachment (PART 2)

IMG_20150506_232000So hopefully you’ve read yesterday’s post and you’re eagerly awaiting the rest. We talked about deep-conditioning before a blow-dry, always using heat-protection, keeping your comb attachment clean and replacing the comb when it cracks.

Now the Golden Rules continue:

Tools are cool – Use your tools to fully detangle the hair. I use a wide toothed comb and then the Denman brush to get my hair silky smooth. This sets you up perfectly for the next point…

Work from the ends up to the roots. This is the quickest way – it is also painless. If your hair is smooth and detangled, blowdrying is a breeze (pun intended).

Long, slow, gentle strokes will get you there hehe… Once you’ve dried that section of hair, you can go over the section with the blowdryer one more time. Keep the hair taut by holding the ends and move the dryer down slowly. This will straighten your hair more.


Do not put anything else in your hair. If your hair was a kid, it would be fat and dirty. We are obsessed with overloading our hair with product. Pre, during and post shampooing, styling, drying etc etc etc. If your scalp is dry, put a bit of oil on it, but your hair was just deep conditioned, you don’t need more stuff in it.

Style as desired. I did some massive twists which are as soft as cotton wool. They are a few days old now but I love them still.

I followed these steps to get this result. Please share this post if you like it!

Golden Rules of Blowdrying with the Comb Attachment (PART 1)

What greater joy is there than blowdrying one’s hair?

I use Wahl PowerPik. It’s cheap and the attachments are readily available (and cheap).

My hair has spoken, and the path of least resistance is using the comb attachment when blowdrying. I’ve tried the tension method, and after doing one section of hair, I realised that it takes way too long. They talk about marginal gains, but I’d rather be doing other things than spending hours blowdrying my hair. You have to be somewhat careful though. If you want a decent solution – check out my Golden Rules to blowdrying your hair without the nasty stuff:

Thou shalt deep-condition thy dry trashy tresses beforehand. Dry upon dry equals dry, guys. Come on, treat your hair before blasting it with hot, dry air. It only takes 15 minutes – you’ve got no excuse.

Raise your middle finger to those who lead you away from heat-protectant. Okay, sometimes I feel like hair companies are ripping me off – those like Elasta QP, whose heat-protectant spray feels water thickened with cornstarch. But I wouldn’t stop using heat protector. Better be safe than sorry mate…

To maintain non-ratchetness, keep your comb attachment clean. Gunk will transfer to your hair, so wash that comb attachment regularly.

Your comb will fail you so if it’s broke, replace it. While we’re on the subject of the comb attachment, let’s talk about it’s fragility. If a few teeth break, it’s not the end of the world, but if the mouth (bit that slides onto the blowdryer) gets even the smallest crack, introduce it to the bin. Do not even think about the crazy glue. The crack, like many things in life, will only gain momentum as time goes on. Its size is directly proportional to the raising of blood pressure and coining of new swear words for inanimate objects.

Tomorrow we’ll continue with the Golden Rules. Stay tuned!

Wash and Go (ish) on Longer Hair in less than 20 minutes

Blew my candles out! ;-)

Blew my candles out! 😉

It was my birthday on Friday *throws confetti* Thank you for your well wishes everyone! This week has been pretty busy and I’ve put off washing my hair for way too long. After going rock climbing on Thursday night and getting chalk in my hair,  I had to wash it. The gig was up! With no time, and finger detangling taking all of Thursday night,  I woke up early Friday morning (not early enough) and did a Wash n Go.

The last time I did a Wash n Go,  my hair was about 3 inches long. Now, my hair is about 12-16 inches long and too thick to dry gracefully on my way to work.

Cutting to the chase. Here’s what I did:


  1. Finger detangled the night before washing –  My hair was dry and horrible. It took about an hour to do a mediocre job.
  2. Did a few jumbo twists and dragged a satin cap over this – I didn’t use any products or wet my hair because I was tired!


IMG_20150501_082605    Wash n Go right before styling

  1. Washed hair with African Pride 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner – Be careful not to tangle your hair. I should do a blog post on washing technique…
  2. Conditioned with Cantu Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque and rinsed. I didn’t have much left, but it’s better than nothing.
  3. Put Coconut Oil in my rinsed hair – Not too much because my hair takes an age to dry and oil inhibits quick drying.
  4. Applied a leave-in conditioner. I used KeraCare Leave in Conditioner.
  5. Side part, pull hair into a low ponytail with some light brushing on the surface to style.
  6. Carry a wash cloth everywhere for dripping hair … sigh.


The verdict

IMG_20150501_130351 IMG_20150501_130401

I’m happy with the result. It looked neat, and the dripping stopped after an hour or so. My hair felt soft, and the curls are sort of defined at the ends. I would avoid doing this at all costs because now that my hair is dry, it is pretty difficult to handle. I am limited to wearing puffs or an out of control afro and have even put Eco-styler gel in already.

I didn’t comb my hair – not sure if this will be detrimental later on. Tune in to see!